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Word Count Update

A thousand words a day. That was the plan. So, how did I do? September word count: 3000 So not quite. The total word count is now 37000. It’s a substantial amount, and a target I would be delighted to … Continue reading

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New Book

Whenever I buy anything from Amazon, I add something from my wishlist. The kids have a birthday party to go to on Saturday so I bought a book as a present. What to get for me? I decided to get … Continue reading

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I would have taken a photo, but it’s all gone. Its appearance wasn’t the best part, though. As it was my turn to do teas and coffees at our local toddler group I had to supply a cake, so I … Continue reading

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More Power

Today our broadband suddenly disappeared. I was on my computer this afternoon and my network connection went. My computer is particularly prone to that so I shut it down, because that usually cures the problem if ‘Repair’ doesn’t. I went out … Continue reading

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Repointed – Almost

Thanks to all the days we’ve had without rain I have managed to get most of the wall repointed! I have got to past the pole. There is a little bit yet to be done between the pole and where … Continue reading

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Good Apples

One of the things I love about living around here is the generosity of friends and neighbours with an oversupply of garden produce. We have had cabbages, cucumbers and broccolli. We have had cob nuts and courgettes. All given to us by … Continue reading

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Restful Mornings

This morning our 9 year old got herself up, went to play with our 2 year old, changed his nappy and got him dressed. Then she came in to see me. ‘You can have a lie in,’ she announced, ‘I’ve … Continue reading

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