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Toddler Technology

There is a computer at pre-school. It is loaded with wonderful games like Winnie the Pooh Art. Mr 3 wants to do nothing else. He loves the computer corner. He would play in it all day. In fact, one day … Continue reading

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Bow Beret

So here’s the crocheted hat! It took me much longer than I anticipated. All those puffs are much more time consuming than I thought, but worth it, I think. Of course, once Miss 10 had one, Miss 8 had to … Continue reading

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Very busy crocheting hats at the moment. Back soon (with pictures).

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Sock Hunting

In our house, some socks end up where they should be. Others take a bit of a detour. Reminders to put them in the washing basket, from the calm to the irate, seem to make no difference. At least I … Continue reading

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Hair So Clean You Could Eat Off It

Back at the end of last term, way back when we thought summer was on its way, there was in infestation of headlice at school. Both my girls got them, so I brought out my trusty nit comb and attacked … Continue reading

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September Garden


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Autumn Denial

I am in denial. According to my calendar, it is still summer, and will be for another eleven days. The weather, however, says otherwise. We have just had the coldest summer since 1993, but in 1993 I was still in … Continue reading

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